Ottawa, Ontario                                                                                                        February 10, 2021

Safe Places for Palliative Care Must Be Protected

The horrendous Bill C-7, which will widen access to physician-assisted suicide will be voted on in the Senate tomorrow, February 11, 2021.

There must be an amendment made to this bill to protect palliative care services in Canada.

The B.C. NDP government Minister of Health Adrian Dix has taken over the 10-bed palliative care hospice operated by the Delta Hospice Society because it did not comply with his directive that the hospice must include beds for physician-assisted suicide services. The directive from Mr. Dix was supported by the mainstream media, as well as the pro-euthanasia Dying with Dignity organization.

To accomplish this unfortunate event, the government not only broke the service agreement with the Delta Hospice Society but also expropriated $15 million in assets which were provided by private donations.

The former executive director of the Delta Hospice Society was a witness before the Senate committee and requested an amendment for “Safe Spaces for the Dying” where authentic palliative care medicine can be practiced – euthanasia free – without government intimidation, coercion, and expropriation of resources.

Canada is now standing at a precipice. If the euthanasia bill as currently written is passed, Canadians will be faced with the appalling situation that euthanasia will become the official way of death in Canada, and palliative care, unfunded and unprotected, will disappear.

This bill will be returned to the House of Commons immediately after the Senate vote tomorrow. Trudeau will insist that his caucus rubberstamp the bill without the Senate amendments, which hopefully will include protection for palliative care services in Canada.

Please contact today all the Senators and your MP.

Alert from the Delta Hospice Society: