Prime Minister Trudeau has several problems.  Although vaccinated and with a booster shot, chose to self-isolate after exposure to COVID-19.  This raises legitimate questions about the reasonableness of the vaccine mandates.

Also, Trudeau has lost his moral authority since he has refused to meet with the participants of the Freedom Convoy 2022 although he previously met with and praised Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters.

The Freedom Convoy 2022

The Freedom Convoy is a uniquely Canadian event.  In the middle of a Canadian winter, in sub-zero temperatures, the convoy set out across Canada on ice-covered and snowy roads, and was met by tens of thousands of Canadians supporting the convoy and encouraging its journey to Ottawa.  The Freedom Convoy has become a national, political protest far beyond its initial protest against mandated vaccines.

The meaning of the Freedom Convoy has bloomed as a protest against government overreach and the violations of basic rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms that are essential in a free and democratic society.

Freedom of conscience, religion, thought, expression, peaceful assembly and association have been under assault by all levels of government these past two years by arbitrary decisions made by politicians and unaccountable bureaucrats, allegedly to curtail the pandemic.  Their decisions have led to the destruction of businesses and livelihoods, which threaten the very existence of our economic, social and political rights and freedoms.  The loss of these freedoms has caused an alarm about the fact that our fundamental rights and core values in Canada are no longer paramount, but have become optional – subject to the permission of our “leaders”.  Rights and freedoms, however, are not a “gift” from the government, but are inherent in each of us as human beings, which is why they are guaranteed by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Bill of Rights.

The Canadian Public

Canadians are, by and large, a peaceful people, respectful and deferential to authority. However, Trudeau, as well as the political and media elites across the country, have misunderstood this trait. Individually and collectively, they have failed to understand that Canadians can also be fierce opponents and determined when required.  This was readily apparent in World War l and World War ll, when the bravery, determination and capability of the Canadian military was truly remarkable. It was a force genuinely feared by our enemies.

As the spirit of Vimy Ridge in World l and Juno Beach in World War ll are part of our national character, so too, is the spirit of the Freedom Convoy 2022.  The spectacle of so many ordinary Canadians, either directly taking part in the Freedom Convoy, or showing their support by donating or joining peaceful and orderly protest gatherings, is evidence of our spirit of freedom.

Prime Minister Trudeau

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has described the convoy as consisting of a “fringe” group, urging them to go home.  He has described the participants in disparaging and insulting language.  It is understood that Trudeau and his associates have no intention of listening to the concerns of those involved in the convoy, or those Canadians supporting them.

Angus-Reid Poll

Trudeau seems naively unaware of a recent Angus-Reid poll (January 31, 2022) that shows 54% of Canadians are in favour of ending the restrictions placed on them during the pandemic.  This view was expressed by all Canadians from across all regions, except Atlantic Canada. This poll shows a dramatic shift in opinion in just a few weeks.  It indicates a strong wish to the return of our freedoms and human rights.

Another Angus-Reid poll (January 22, 2022) reports that Trudeau’s approval rating is 42% with 53% disapproving – hardly a ringing endorsement of his leadership. In just three weeks beginning on January 14, 2022, the Freedom Convoy Go-Fund-Me fundraiser raised over $10 million with over 120,000 people donating.  To put this in perspective, during the last quarter of 2021, Elections Canada reports that the Liberals raised a total of just $ 3.4 million.

Perhaps more disturbing of all, Trudeau has asserted that the organizers of the Freedom Convoy hold “unacceptable views”.  Unacceptable to whom?  Apparently to Trudeau.  With his wealthy elite background, he has had minimal opportunity to associate with ordinary Canadians, and therefore, understand their lives and beliefs. His values are not those of ordinary Canadians.  It is puzzling however, that Trudeau is of the opinion that he has the right to determine what Canadian values are acceptable, and the arrogance to believe that all Canadians agree with him.

In Support of Peaceful Assembly

The Freedom Convoy is not a temporary, passing event.  It is a serious and long overdue call for the government to respect and protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of Canadians, which are at stake because of massive government interference in their lives.

The Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act

The Mayor and the Police Chief of Ottawa have declared that Ottawa is “under occupation” and the truckers are acting illegally.  This has been echoed by Premier Ford of Ontario.  Such statements are outlandish and dangerous.

The Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act (which replaced the War Measures Act) defines “emergency” as follows:

“a situation or an impending situation that constitutes a danger of major proportions that could result in serious harm to persons or substantial damage to property and that is caused by the forces of nature, a disease or other health risk, an accident or an act whether intentional or otherwise”.

The Freedom Convoy 2022 has not displayed, to date, any violent or threatening behaviour.  The truckers are peaceful and respectful.  There is no evidence of violence or harassment.  In short, there is no factual basis to support the application of the Act. By invoking it, the government will have overreached itself in an undemocratic and unreasonable manner to suppress dissenting opinion.

This absurd declaration by Trudeau and others, indicates that Trudeau wants to promote the false image that he is a strong leader. The declaration of the Act will also enable him to restrict even further civil rights in Canada.  Trudeau should think long and hard about this.  The only “emergency” is the failure of his government and the provinces to restore the freedoms of Canadians set out in the Charter of Rights.

REAL Women and the Freedom Convoy 2022

REAL Women supports the Freedom Convoy for the principles for which it stands – namely to restore fundamental freedoms to Canadians.  As such, we need to keep all those involved – truckers, organizers, supporters, those affected by government leaders – in our prayers.  We must continue to support the Freedom Convoy 2022 financially and morally.

Please contact your federal and provincial leaders and ask them to restore the civil rights and freedoms of Canadians.