Ottawa, Ontario                                                                                                                           July 30, 2018

Oppose Harmful Drug Injection Sites
Contact Premier Doug Ford and your MPP

 Drug injection sites, now called Supervised Consumption/Injection Sites, are being planned without enough consultation with businesses and homes in the neighbourhood. The areas are being ruined. Drug addicts scream abuse day and night, engage in endless fighting. Drugged out and sometimes dead addicts litter the sidewalks together with abandoned needles, condoms and crack pipes. Addicts defecate anytime, anywhere in the area, making the vicinity unwalkable. Pedestrians are accosted by beggars, prostitutes and traffickers. Residents are afraid to go out at night and businesses experience huge financial loss. Canadians do not want this in their neighbourhoods.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford is being pressured to cancel the establishment of this Liberal-inspired experiment with the health of addicts who instead would benefit from tax dollars spent on recovery programs.

Please contact Premier Doug Ford and your MPP with your objections and encourage them to cancel injection sites.

Funds come from provincial governments for “Health” units to open sites which will provide a location to buy, share and use drugs. There is no age limit. First-time users are eligible. If the drug addict, such as a prostitute cannot self-inject, he or she can have an enabler administer the drug. Drugs are bought off the street from drug dealers in a law-free area covering a few blocks. Drugs are not analysed by the “harm reduction” site, 75% of street drugs are contaminated with the deadly drug fentanyl. Medical personnel do not inject clients because it is unethical for them to inject someone with an unknown drug. Special protocols for pregnant women and girls may or may not be maintained at the site.

These drug sites are based on the faulty premise that they reduce harm. In fact, they merely keep addicts injecting poisons which continue to harm them until the addiction kills them.

This is objectionable to taxpayers of Ontario. Please let Premier Doug Ford and your MPP know of your concerns.

Please write, phone or email your MPP and Premier Doug Ford before these sites pop up in your neighbourhood or the area where you or your loved ones live or work.

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