Ottawa, Ontario                                                               July 28, 2020

Having Trouble Signing up as a Delta Hospice Society Member

In REAL Women’s email ALERT dated July 20, 2020, we asked our members to generously join the beleaguered Delta Hospice Society which has been heavily pressured by the B.C. government and the pro-euthanasia organization Dying with Dignity to use some of its beds for assisted suicide patients.

The Delta Hospice Society would not comply with this demand because palliative care is incompatible with the notion of killing the patient by assisted suicide.

Some of our members have emailed us that they’ve had difficulty signing up for a membership in the Delta Hospice Society.

For this reason, we hope the following information for signing up for a membership will be helpful.

There are two steps to become a member:

  1. Fill out the application form and send it back via email to the email address on the form.
  2. Pay for the membership. Either by cheque to the address on the form, or go through and pay with credit card via the link.

Please insert your name in the space marked “patient” and in payment. (For payment purposes you are the patient too.)

If you have difficulty paying through the link in the form, complete and email the form to and the Delta Hospice Society which will contact you to get your credit card number for the $10.00 payment.

Also, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further problems, and we will be pleased to be of help. Every new member is of critical importance in this life and death struggle for the dignity of human life.