Judge Paul Rouleau’s report on the Emergencies Act was a political report, not a legal one.

In his report, Rouleau, former assistant to Liberal Prime Minister John Turner, and appointed to the court by the Liberals, has remained loyal to his Liberal roots but not to the Canadian public.

He blamed everyone except Trudeau for the problems that arose in the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa last February. The police, government officials at all levels, Ontario Premier Doug Ford, the Canada Border Services Agency, and Canadian Security Intelligence Services were all considered responsible by Rouleau. Rouleau was only mildly critical of Trudeau because of his calling the Convoy “a fringe minority”. Rouleau stated that this contributed to the problem.  Rouleau, however, did not refer to the fact that Trudeau also called the Convoy participants “white supremacists”, “racists” and “misogynists”.

Rouleau has confirmed however, that the protesters were not a lawless group as alleged by Trudeau and some members of his Cabinet, but concluded that most of the protesters were participating in a lawful peaceful demonstration which was their fundamental right. According to Rouleau, the reasons for the protest were social, political and economic grievances exacerbated by the pandemic and it was not an attempt to take over the government as alleged by the Liberal elites and their supporters.

Rouleau has buried a little gem in his report for Trudeau to use when the time arises to vote on Bill C-11 “Online Streaming Act”. Trudeau is obsessed with controlling the internet, including social media.  Rouleau stated in his report that “social media platforms were the tools by which organizers met, coordinated, and connected with participants”, but that “social media allows hate speech, propaganda, conspiracy theories, and lies to spread farther, faster, and cheaper than ever before.” Rouleau’s recommendation included that the federal government “should examine the question of whether a department or agency of government should have the authority and responsibility to monitor and report on information contained in social media for appropriate purposes and with appropriate safeguards.” How convenient for Trudeau.

During Rouleau’s public remarks made while delivering his report, he stated “…I have concluded that the very high threshold required for the invocation of the [Emergencies] Act was met…I do not come to this conclusion easily, as I do not consider the factual basis for it to be overwhelming. Reasonable and informed people could reach a different conclusion than the one I have arrived at…I also reach this conclusion reluctantly.”

It seems that Rouleau was not certain of his conclusions, but gave Trudeau the benefit of the doubt. It also seems that Rouleau’s report was premised upon the foregone conclusion that Trudeau and his cabinet were to be justified in their use of the Emergencies Act. As a result, there was a whitewashing of Trudeau’s disastrous decision to suspend civil rights under the Emergencies Act.

Trudeau will now use this report to pat himself on the back, claiming that he bravely saved the nation. This report, however, will go into the dustbin of history, as merely a part of a political game undertaken by the Trudeau government.

The real significance of the Rouleau report is that a future government will now be able to use the Emergencies Act at its discretion, to suspend civil rights and freeze personal bank accounts just because it “believes” there is an emergency. Rouleau’s report, unfortunately, opens the door for an autocratic totalitarian government to overrule democracy and the rule of law in Canada.

A more detailed analysis has been posted on REAL Women of Canada’s website, located in the “Publications” – “Analysis Reports” tab or here at https://realwomenofcanada.ca/analysis-canadians-deserve-better/.