Canadians are living through an extraordinary time.  The Trudeau government and the mainstream media on its payroll are suppressing facts, opposing any dissent which they believe is intolerable, and, in general, are deliberately misinforming the public on major issues.  This is being carried out in order to confuse the public.

These practices are regarded as necessary in order to ensure the policies become firmly rooted in Canadian soil for the “public good”.   Many of the policies put forward by the Trudeau government are changing our country – its values, culture, and economy.  In other words, the purpose of these practices of deliberate deception is to reduce or eliminate public resistance.

Canadians are treated as if they are toy soldiers to be pushed around and maneuvered, at the discretion of elitists.  The latter believe the public must remain docile, unquestioning, and respectful of the decisions made.  This is the reason Trudeau and his cabinet were so enraged by the Freedom Convoy, which openly defied and questioned the government.

Documents released during the Public Order Emergency Commission investigation presided over by Ontario Court of Appeal judge Paul S. Rouleau, a Liberal supporter, nonetheless exposed the fact that Justin Trudeau and his cabinet regarded the Convoy as an intolerable interference with their governing of this country.  Even before the Convoy arrived in Ottawa, Trudeau and his cabinet, as well as the media, vilified the participants of the Convoy, calling them racists, white supremacists, and a traitorous group with unacceptable views.  No evidence has ever been introduced to support these allegations.  Other documents entered into the investigation of the Emergencies Act included a highly redacted document regarding the conversation on February 13, 2021 by Minister of Finance Freeland with a bank CEO. Freeland’s handwritten note made during her conversation with the CEO, stated “you need to designate the group as terrorists”.  According to another exchange submitted to the inquiry, Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino’s communications’ director encouraged journalists to investigate the Convoy and the funding of it.  Further internal documents from the inquiry include Minister Mendicino’s statement that he had “better things to do than take reporters’ questions” and wanted, instead, that the news media focus on discrediting the Freedom Convoy.

Trudeau Deceits are Piling Up

There are many examples of the Trudeau government’s deceits over the past few years, which have already been discussed in previous issues of REALity.  More recent lies and deceits include Trudeau’s denial of having any knowledge of alleged Chinese funding of candidates during the 2019 election.  His statement has been contradicted by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), as well as the Privy Council Office (PCO).  Another example is Trudeau’s insistence that the carbon tax (which causes the price of gas to increase) was imposed because of climate change, and the supposed need for net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.  This claim is not supported by facts, science, or by any detailed analysis of the economic consequence of this tax.

In a recently published science paper, Doctor Wallace Manheimer, who holds a PhD in Physics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, stated that, “it is particularly disheartening to see learned societies make definitive claims when so much contrary information is readily available”.  He points out that “over the last 10,000 years, the earth has almost certainly been warmer.  There have been warmer and colder periods, just like today.”

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz visited Ottawa in August 2022, requesting that Canada provide Germany with desperately needed gas and oil.  He was met by Trudeau’s declaration that there has never been a “strong business case” for such exports to Europe. Russia is a source of 14% of the world’s supply of oil and gas, and, according to the Canadian think tank, if Canada were to make the industry a priority, it could displace half of Russia’s exports.  Instead, the Trudeau government has done everything possible to shut out Alberta’s oil and gas industry.

Intolerance to Differing Views

It is undeniable that Trudeau has lied many times, has engaged in numerous ethics violations, and has breached international treaties ratified by Canada.  These include the UN treaties on drugs, which prohibit legalization of marijuana and the distribution of free drugs to addicts, which is now a Liberal policy.

Trudeau has never conformed to any moral boundaries.  When a politician believes that there are no restraints on his behaviour, then anything is possible.  Such infractions, often illegal, have regularly occurred in Canada under Trudeau’s watch.