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The Canadian Ambassador to the Czech Republic, Valerie Gail Raymond, signed a document on the occasion of a homosexual festival in Prague held in August, 2012, expressing her solidarity with the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities (“LGBT”) alleging their activities were in accordance with rights set out in the UN Declaration of Human Rights. The latter Declaration, however, provides that men and women may found a family defined as “the natural and fundamental group unit of society” but it does not refer to homosexual rights in any way.

The Prague statement endorsed by Canada goes on to declare that “ensuring LGBT rights is an important aspect of fulfilling our broader international rights commitments”. Yet, there is no UN treaty supporting homosexual rights.

President of Czech Republic Angered

Previously in 2011, the Canadian Ambassador also supported the Pride Festival and the President of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Klaus, lashed out at our Canadian Ambassador and the twelve other western Ambassadors who signed that document accusing them of interfering in his country’s internal affairs. He described this as an “unprecedented step”. Mr. Klaus stated that he could not imagine any Czech ambassador daring to use a petition to influence a political discussion in any democratic country.

Ironically, no one in the Czech Republic has been denied or rejected homosexual rights. In 2006, the Czech Parliament approved a law allowing same-sex partners to live in an officially registered partnership and have the right to inheritance and health care similar to those enjoyed by heterosexual couples. The law, however, does not allow same-sex couples to marry or adopt children. Consequently, the Canadian Ambassador endorsed political action to allow the latter to be permitted by law.

It should be pointed out that particular homosexual demands such as these have been a source of contention and disaffection in Canada, and not entirely accepted socially or morally here. Why then is our Ambassador pressing them in another country?

Not the First Time Canada Supported Homosexual Rights Abroad

This is not the first time that Canada has pushed the homosexual agenda in a foreign country.

In June 2010, the Canadian Ambassador in Budapest, Hungary endorsed the homosexual agenda in that country.

At that time REAL Women wrote to both Prime Minister Harper and the then Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lawrence Cannon, objecting to this action by a Canadian representative in a foreign country interfering in a contentious political issue there. REAL Women was subsequently advised in a letter from Mr. Cannon, dated September 27, 2010, that “It is common for embassies to express support for the actions of legitimate non-governmental organizations.” This is not true. It seems to apply only in regard to the homosexual non-government organizations in foreign countries.

What is Behind the Push by Foreign Affairs for Homosexual Rights Abroad?

The policy of endorsing homosexual activists in foreign countries is based on a policy formulated under the former Liberal government and unchanged by the current Conservative government, obviously aided and abetted by the liberal bureaucracy working within that department. This is despite the fact that the entire issue is still unsettled and highly contentious in Canada.

Please write to Prime Minister Harper, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, John Baird, your Member of Parliament and the Canadian Ambassador in the Czech Republic, strenuously objecting to the use of the office of Ambassador to promote homosexual rights abroad.

Their addresses are as follows:

The Right Honourable Stephen Harper
Prime Minister of Canada
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A2
Fax 613-941-6900
Email: pm@pm.gc.ca

The Honourable John Baird
Minister of Foreign Affairs
House of Commons
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Fax 613-996-9880
Email: john.baird@parl.gc.ca

Your Member of Parliament
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario K1A OA6

Gail Raymond
Ambassador to the Embassy of Canada in Prague
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