REALity  Volume XXXVI  Issue No. 3 March 2017

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is obsessed with the UN. He views it as an all-encompassing institution of goodness and humanity.  He either ignores or is unaware of the fact that the UN is a cesspool of totalitarianism, run by overpaid, self-serving bureaucrats who are trying to use the UN as a tool to impose anti-life/family policies on the entire world. Fortunately, these bureaucrats are, generally speaking, incompetent

Trudeau wants to win over the UN to Canada’s side in order that Canada be elected to a seat, for a two-year term, on the 15-member Security Council beginning in 2021. If elected, Canada would join the five countries which are non-permanent members, with the other nine  elected countries. Canada cites its commitment to the UN: its resettling of Syrian refugees and the offer to take part in UN peacekeeping efforts.  In pursuit of his goal, Trudeau may send six hundred Canadian soldiers and 150 military police into the death trap and chaos of the African killing fields in Mali.  The Canadian soldiers are supposed to be peace keepers, but they will be fortunate to escape alive from the corruption and massacres that are taking place there.  Peace keeping is not possible when there is no peace to keep.

Canada Pushing Homosexual Rights

Instead of endangering the lives of our Canadian soldiers in Africa, Trudeau would do better to stop the Canadian Delegation at the UN from pushing homosexual rights there.

Backed by its anti-life/family buddies at the UN, the EU, the US and Mexico, Canada has been pushing for the recognition of LGBT rights and the acknowledgement of the supposed evils of homophobia. This occurred most recently when a key policy paper, finalized at a major UN conference in Ecuador in October, promoted these issues.

This policy paper called “New Urban Agenda” is a non-binding agreement supposedly about rapidly growing cities over the next twenty years, but was used by pro-homosexual advocates, such as Canada, to push the LGBT agenda. The recognition of LGBT communities and an acknowledgement of homophobia was seen as a significant step by Canada, owing to the fact that same-sex relationships are illegal in 76 countries around the world, and are punishable by death in seven countries.  If Canada had been successful in including LGBT rights in the document, it would have become a useful tool to pressure countries to change their supposedly wicked ways on homosexuality.

John Bueckert, a spokesman for the Canadian delegation at this UN conference, said Canada ‘fought hard” to have gay rights and homophobia officially recognized in the UN document. Canada, fortunately, was resisted in this attempt, by many other countries, including Belarus, Russia, Egypt, Qatar, Indonesia, Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates.  The Indonesian government stated bluntly that “there is no room in Indonesia for the proliferation of the LGBT movement”.  Belarus released a statement, to Canada’s dismay, stressing the “need for main streaming the family across the UN Post-2015 Development Agenda”, saying the statement was made on behalf of 17 countries.

Canada’s efforts to push homosexuality at the UN has resulted in it offending many other countries that wish to reaffirm that the family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society.

It is significant that the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA) conducted a survey of almost 100,000 people in 65 countries, and were unhappy to learn that only 19% of respondents in Africa and 26% in Asia approved of same-sex marriage. It also found that two thirds of adults worldwide would be upset if their child told them that they were in love with someone of the same sex.  Since Canada obviously is out of step on the homosexual issue at the UN, why is Canada trying to force its unacceptable policies on homosexuality on other countries?

If the Trudeau government had any sense (which isn’t likely), it would stop antagonizing other countries at the UN on the homosexual issue. This is not helping Prime Minister Trudeau fulfill his dream of having Canada elected to the Security Council in 2021.