real_faviconMembers call to ACTION  from Pauline Guzik, National President, January 31, 2015

Dear REAL Women Member,

I am writing to you about a matter which could detrimentally affect our children for many generations. Because of the complications of separating our membership list to just Ontario residents, we are sending this letter to all our members.

Ontario Provincial Premier Kathleen Wynne announced, in October 2014, that she intends to bring a sex education curriculum into Ontario schools, including Catholic schools, by September 2015.  No parental consultation has been obtained for this curriculum.

In 2010, Premier Wynne was Minister of Education when she and her Deputy Minister, Benjamin Levin, introduced a sex education curriculum.  This curriculum provoked strong objections from parents, so much so, that the Ontario government was forced to withdraw it.  Of interest, Mr. Levin was later charged with the offences of accessing, possessing, writing and distributing child pornography, counselling someone to commit sexual assault and arranging for a sexual offense with a child.  According to the Toronto Star (January 16, 2015), Mr. Levin intends to plead guilty to some of these charges, and will be sentenced in late March 2015.

The 2010 program was objectionable to parents because of the following content:

Grade 1 (age 6): graphic anatomical lessons on sexual body parts

Grade 3 (age 8):  Homosexuality:  normalizing of homosexual family structures and homosexual “marriage” in the minds of 8 year-olds, without regard for the religious/moral beliefs of families

Grade 3:  Gender as a changeable social construct:  teaches the disputed theory of “gender identity” as fact.  This is the notion that a person’s sex, male or female, does not necessarily relate to anatomy.  It is merely a “social construct”.  Gender is “fluid” according to this theory, and any little boy can decide that he is actually a girl, if that’s the way he feels in his mind, or vice-versa.

Grade 4 (age 9):  Romantic dating:  introduces children to the idea of being “more than just friends” and “going out” with classmates whom they may “like”.

Grade 6 (age 12): Masturbation: Encourages masturbation as a “pleasurable” way for children to learn about their bodies, that is “not harmful”

Grade 7 (age 13):  Anal & Oral Sex:  Under the pretext of encouraging abstinence from behaviours associated with high risk for STDs, the curriculum introduces children to the concepts of “anal intercourse” and “oral-genital contact”.  Those are ideas that many 12-13 year olds might not be aware of, or at least, have never seriously considered as an act they could be taking part in now.  In addition, “anal intercourse” is lumped in as a sexual act of the same kind as vaginal intercourse, with no differentiation between the two types of sexual acts, either morally or with respect to risk for sexually transmitted disease.

The current curriculum has not yet been released to the public.  Instead, Premier Wynne has recently requested that a small selection of parents, one from each school, be asked a number of questions online about sex education curriculums.  The questions were phrased to obtain positive responses.  This does not constitute a proper consultation with parents, but only a pretense of one.  This new curriculum is expected to be released within the next two months and to be implemented in September 2015.

The only definite information about this curriculum, provided by Premier Wynne, is that she has instructed that the curriculum include information on “consent” for sexual activity.  This presupposes that sexual activity, even at the earliest ages, is all right, providing that a consent is given.  This makes it easier for the exploitation of young children by adults and for pedophiles to have access to young children, providing the child gives “consent”.  However, it is illegal to counsel a child before the age of sixteen on how to give sexual consent to an adult.  To do so would be aiding and abetting a criminal activity, having sex with a child under sixteen.  It is a puzzle as to how the Premier could think this is appropriate in an elementary school curriculum.

This program conveys the message that promiscuous sex is normal, acceptable and expected of children and adolescents.  Premier Wynne’s sex-ed curriculum is a poor tool to assist our young people with their sexuality.  Parents, who know their children best, and who have their own values and perspectives, are better placed to carry out this responsibility than “experts” who impose their own distorted values on children by way of this program.

It is critical that this curriculum be withdrawn.  We cannot let our vulnerable children be exposed to it.  Please write, phone and/or email Premier Kathleen Wynne and Liz Sandals, Minister of Education, and your local Provincial Member of Parliament (MPP) to object to this curriculum.  Please contact your MPP at his/her constituency office rather than at his/her legislative office, as this is more effective.  Postage is required for letters to MPP’s, whether they go to Queen’s Park or the constituency office.

Contact for Premier:

Kathleen Wynne, Premier
Legislative Building
Queen’s Park
Toronto ON  M7A 1A1

Telephone: 416-325-1941

Contact for the Minister of Education:

The Honourable Liz Sandals
Minister of Education
22nd Flr Mowat Bl
900 Bay St
Toronto ON  M7A 1L2

Telephone: 416-325-2600

To obtain the contact information for your MPP’s constituency office, you will need to know the name of your provincial riding and your MPP’s name. You can search for this at the Elections Ontario web site by providing your postal code. Here is the link:

Elections Ontario’s postal code search may help you find your MPP

Once you know your MPP’s name you can search for his office on the internet or go to the Ontario Legislative Assembly’s web index at this link:

MPP constituency office contact information