WHEREAS REAL Women of Canada is a non-denominational organization that believes the family is the foundation of our society, and,

WHEREAS REAL Women of Canada is concerned about the welfare of all families, regardless of race, colour, ethnic origin, ancestry, and faith, and,

WHEREAS families of the Jewish faith in Canada have been endangered over the past months due to the continuous demonstrations occurring on streets and before institutions during which antisemitic statements of intimidation, harassment, and threats against these Canadians have promoted genocide, adding to the harassment, intimidation, and threats – all of which are violations of the Criminal Code, and,

WHEREAS Canadian universities have become centres of antisemitism, forcing the closure of buildings and cancellation of classes, and threats and intimidation of Jewish students, and whereby encampments on university campuses have created a dangerous environment for Jewish students who have the right to freely attend these universities without hindrance or obstruction, and,

WHEREAS on May 6, 2024, Richard Robertson, the Director of Research and Advocacy for B’nai Brith Canada, issued a report advising that antisemitism has reached a stage of national crisis in Canada due to the increased number of incidents targeting Jewish individuals and that these incidents doubled in 2023, to 5,800 incidents from 2,800 incidents in 2022, which included violence, harassment, and vandalism, and,

WHEREAS most political leaders in Canada have not taken appropriate action to stop the spread of antisemitism within their jurisdictions, administrators and presidents of Canadian universities have failed to protect Jewish students for whom they have a responsibility, and Canadian police forces have failed to enforce the provisions in the Criminal Code prohibiting harassment and intimidation and calls for genocide, and,

WHEREAS due to this failure by these authorities to take action against antisemitism, it has continued to spread in Canada so that this offensive activity has now become normalized, and,

WHEREAS it is imperative that those of the Jewish faith in Canada be protected from violations of the law,

BE IT RESOLVED the Canadian public demand that the laws be enforced to protect our fellow Canadians of the Jewish faith.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that REAL Women of Canada and its members will notify the relevant authorities of our strong objections to antisemitism in Canada, and demand that they take action to stop these disturbing violations of the law.